10 Tactics You Can Use To Boost Customer Loyalty And Retention via Forbes

I recently contributed to an article on Forbes.com with other marketing and communications professionals on ways to boost customer loyalty and retention. It is always more expensive to find new customers than keep your current ones, so here are some ideas on how to boost your retention.

I discussed the need for marketers and communicators to not forget the little gestures that can go a long way for others:

Remember the little things.
Retention doesn’t just involve discounts or gifts; sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Customer Management Systems (CRM) allow you to keep track of data like customer anniversaries, notes about their favorite sports teams or their children’s lives. A simple thank-you card or call asking genuine questions — remembering details about them as a person, not as an account — can go a long way. — Charlie Riley

Other experts include Krystal Covington, Freya Smale, Jennifer Wong, Holly Chessman, Alysia Gradney, Erica Coleman, Kira Karapetian and Jennifer Best. The whole article can be found here.

Charlie Riley is a marketing, business development and communications professional with experience across multiple industries. Follow Charlie on Twitter at @charlieriley or connect on LinkedIn.