13 Ways To Create An Effective Marketing Campaign On A Tight Budget — via Forbes

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I recently contributed to an article on Forbes.com with other marketing and communications professionals on ways to create effective marketing campaigns when budgets are limited, which seems to be more and more the case.

I discussed the need for marketers and communicators to simply the channels they use and not get caught up on the new flashy marketing toy:

Simplify your channels.
Focus on one or few channels to deliver your message to the right audience, as opposed to spreading your ad budget or exposure too thin. If you can concentrate your frequency in the top place, your prospects will see your message and that can go further than minimal exposure on a wide range of channels. You run the risk of your campaign being missed by being too segmented. — Charlie Riley, Lawley

Other experts include Heather Dueitt, Harsh Jawharkar, Krystal Covington, Stacy Wakefield, Freya Smale, Gregor Perotto, Judy Herbst, Lu Chen, Clayton Johnson and Andrew Caravella. The whole article can be found here.

Charlie Riley is a marketing, business development and communications professional with experience across multiple industries. Follow Charlie on Twitter at @charlieriley or connect on LinkedIn.

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