Learn Top Strategies For Marketing Financial Services From 34 Marketing & Advertising Professionals

Docurated recently asked 34 marketing and advertising professionals to provide advice and tips on how to best market financial services products. Well, 33 pros and myself.

It’s interesting that I seem to be the only non-agency or consultant contributor, but there is some good advice provided. You can read the full list here.

I would have to say the most effective strategy for marketing financial services is to eliminate jargon and talk like a human, as simply as possible.

I focused on eliminating industry jargon that the customer may not understand, and is usually too embarrassed to ask what it may means. This can apply to almost any industry, but communicating like you were the customer as opposed to talking with industry peers may help lead to more sales and a better understanding of how you can help them out.

Any other thoughts or advise this list missed?

Financial services marketing experts included:

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This post originally published on March 9, 2016 here on LinkedIn.

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