Postcard reflection EIGHT

It’s not so much that it’s been a slow day, but possibly a slow ‘news’ day. And I’m not just going to reuse the same topic I chose yesterday and delightfully take it back to bags, but unfortunately (for my purse and progress) I returned to the Ladies Markets today only to walk up and down the same path on repeat. However, to slightly (loosely used) change the theme, is there a difference between what’s real and what’s fake?

It’s kinda like that strange question, if a tree falls in the middle of a woods and no one is there to hear it, does it really make a noise?

If you can’t fault a copy, is it really a fake? If it’s made from the same materials, in the same style, with the same name but not in the factory and not with the same price tag it is an impersonation — but is that the same as a fake?

Equally you hear of stories where bags are actually taken out of their factories by workers and sold on the market, these are considered real still because they were made in the same factory by the same people. Therefore when it comes to design, the only factor the determines whether it is a genuine piece, is if it is made under the direction of the original label.

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