Why Louise Pentland Is So Inspiring….

For those of you who don’t know Louise Pentland is a Youtuber and a blogger. Today she released a video saying that she is changing up her youtube channel. (i’ll link the video at the end)

As a 20 year old student I often get judged by the fact that I watch YouTube and I’m not going to lie sometimes I feel like I’m too old to be watching certain YouTubers as much as I love them and as much as they make me laugh. So I’m actually really excited at the prospect of there being a channel that is more adult focused and talks about things that are important to me like politics, dating and gender equality. Louise is making this happen and I am ridiculously happy about it. Watching Videos with fashion/makeup tips, pranks and challenges is great but as I grow up I’m always searching for topics that get me thinking and coming to my own conclusions about what’s important in life. This not only keeps me interested but helps to be come the well rounded adult that I desperately strive to be.

I’ve watched Louise’s channel, Sprinkle of Glitter, for almost 4 years now and as mentioned in the title of this post I think that Louise Pentland is so inspirational and I’m going to explain a little bit about why I think this.

First off she recently become really honest in her opinions and about her life. Think that it takes a bit of courage especially with the vast amount of people that watch Youtube. However, this has become a more recent thing for her I feel that she’s kind of held back a little bit and reading her book ‘Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter’ made me realise this.

Louise is also really down to earth. She’s done most normal life things such as go to uni, have a job that you aren’t particularly good at and has experienced so dating mishaps. Her book explains most of this so if you’re interested in a copy I’ll add some links at the end. This make her come across as someone every girl/women can relate to. However, by starting a YouTube Channel and a blog has shown that she has ambition and that you can do something incredible with your life if you put your mind to it. This to me is so inspirational

Watching her channel has also taught me that you don’t have to be a size 10 to be happy and confident with yourself. For years I’ve struggle with my weight and my confidence but watching Louise has made me think that I should maybe stop being so tough on myself. As long as I’m happy, health and feel good about myself I’m perfectly fine as I am. She also has incredible fashion sense which gives me ideas of what might work for me too, being a bigger girl. I love that Louise promotes body confidence which is a one of the reasons that I love her so much.

Not only this but she’s just herself which is an extremely tough sometimes especially as a young adult or as a teen! because heaven knows teenage years can be the hardest times of your life. Even now as a 20 year old I sometimes myself trying to change so that people will like me or so that I’ll fit in but I’ve come to the conclusion that if people don’t like you because of who you are that’s their deal and not yours. You shouldn’t change for anyone and part of me realising this has been Louise’s doing which I’m so grateful for.

I cannot wait to see what the next chapter of Louise’s Channel will bring.


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