Real Estate in Charlotte NC

Charlotte is one of the quainter lands within North Carolina. This area established 250 years ago by Scottish and Irish immigrants and is a conjunction of two dissimilar nationalities. This region has 2 most preferred lakes, Norman and Wylie. The property around these lakes is considered to be valuable in Charlotte NC.
The entire town of Charlotte is divided into nine zones — uptown, northeast, east, old south, new south, southwest, northwest, Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. These divisions are based on the properties located in these regions. The lakes Norman and Wylie have some very expensive properties on their banks, having average values of $369,000 and $315,000 respectively. The region of old south in Charlotte still has old style Victorian bungalows and is a competitor to ‘the most expensive Real Estate in Charlotte. It also has properties averaging about $326,000. The northeast region of Charlotte is the least desirable property, mainly owing to a mixture of old world charm and a business center side by side. As it is easily accessible to highways 1–77 and 1–85, this region is bustling with traffic y. Properties in northeast Charlotte NC can be obtained at as low as $155,000; almost half the value of lake property.
Charlotte has a large number of exclusive buyer agents. These agents do not get their commissions from traders, but from the consumers. So, they’re interested in securing as low a price for the buyer as possible. Most exclusive buyer agents within North Carolina are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.
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