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Multimedia creative & Photo-Journalist in Zimbabwe.

At 27, Letwin Mubaiwa needs her husband’s assistance to communicate with her family or friends. Born into an underprivileged family, she cannot read or write, nor can she estimate her own age. …

In 2014, Kundai Chihuri took over her parents’ responsibilities at the age of 9. In search of better employment opportunities, her parents’ immigrated to South Africa leaving Kundai to care for her two younger siblings, Haley (4) and Tanatswa (2).

Kundai Chihuri at her parent's residence in Epworth, Harare, Zimbabwe. (photo: Charmaine Chitate)

Abandoned and without a source of income, the three children…

Josephine Mupambwa was the star athlete at her school. Tiny, active and book smart, she drew the attention of one of her teachers. “He saw how petite I was and it excited him,” she says.

Josephine Mupambwa at her home in Highfield, Harare, Zimbabwe. (Photo: Charmaine Chitate)

Raised in the Budgja community of Mutoko, she was the youngest of three siblings. Josephine’s…

Charmaine Chitate

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