I wrote this over a month ago after an argument with a friend. I didn’t publish it then, but I do think it’s important now. White people are important in fighting the racism and hatred that this election has encouraged. So I think it’s important to get on the right page of what it means to support the communities that are being attacked. …

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Political correctness — the (exaggerated) woe of so many. Clearly, I think the complaints are petty. And not even the fun kind of petty like an argument on Real Housewives of [Upscale Municipality].

To be “politically incorrect” is not against the law, but a social faux pas in many circles — and welcomed in many other circles. For people who complain about how we have to be so politically correct nowadays, I wonder if they’ve considered the history of how certain groups of people have been allowed to speak or interact with other groups of people. …

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Girls and women should be pretty. You need to be easy on the eyes, easy on the nerves — be nice, don’t argue. …

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