Love yourself

A life well lived

Many people have different opinions on a what is a life well lived, as they should. People have different passions therefore they are going to have a different perspective on what a life well lived looks like. My life well lived is to love yourself and love others to the best of your ability. I think if you do that than the rest of your life will fall into place, maybe not perfectly, but you will definitely be satisfied with your life at the end of it all. If you just give love and receive love, no matter who you are you will find happiness in your life. Everybody wants to be loved.

A lot of people don’t know how to love others and especially love themselves. I believe you can’t fully love the someone to the best of your ability until you can fully love yourself. It’s a lot easier to love other people more than yourself because we are a lot harder on ourselves than anyone else. We know everything about ourselves, the negatives and the positives. A lot of the time we don’t know everything about the person we are falling in love with, so it’s really easy for people to just fill in the blanks of their love with some fantasy. You just need to accept who you are and forgive yourself for all the negative things you have done in your life, and when you do that you can start accepting yourself and learning to fully love yourself.

Accepting yourself is the first step to loving yourself, but it doesn’t stop there. Loving yourself is taking care of yourself. I look at a lot of people and see the way they love themselves, and I would not want them to love me how they love themselves. Going out and eating junk food 24/7 is not taking care of yourself is not loving yourself that’s the complete opposite, your killing yourself. This is only one way that people don’t take care of themselves. There are a lot more ways people don’t take care of themselves.

No matter what your “life well lived” is, I hope you find it at the end of all of this. If you don’t know what a life well lived is, it usually starts at your passion, and stems off from there.

Thank you for reading