It is inevitable for you and not to judge someone when we first meet them, humans are hardwired to do it, it’s not exactly a bad thing, but it does happen.

Even though we judge people on their first impressions you have the power not to let the judgement control our thoughts of that particular person.

You and me are taught that “first impressions are everything, so you better make it phenomenal. But in all reality maybe we shouldn’t judge people based on the first impression they have on you.

I mean think about it when you first meet a new person, you’re nervous, anxious, and you put on a mask because you don’t want to show your true self to someone you don’t know. We keep our guard up so our first impressions don’t always go as well as we would like.

Opening up to people is difficult. It frightening meeting someone for the first time Don’t let that first impression control your ego, you may meet someone that had a shitty first impression and turn out they become your best friend because they took off that mask and showed you who they really were.