How organisations thrive amidst unceasing transformation

By Giles Hutchins

Increasing volatility, complexity and uncertainty is the new norm, hence our organizations need to be able to not just survive but thrive amidst unceasing transformation. Too many of today’s organizations are locked in to hierarchic, KPI-obsessed, siloed, control-based, defensive, reactionary and fire-fighting mind-sets strangling the ability to adapt and evolve amid volatility. Isolated initiatives such as wellbeing-at-work, purposeful business, mindfulness, and corporate social responsibility, often leave the underlying logic, culture and ethos of the organization unchecked.

Only a fundamental overhaul of the underlying logic will enable our firms of the future to flourish amid these transformational times. As well as all this, there are complex shifts affecting each of us at deep and partly unconscious levels, challenging how we perceive ourselves, each other and the world around us.
 At once it is an immensely exciting, liberating, testing and unpredictable time to be involved in the future of business. The ancient Greeks called such a time Kairos — a supreme moment of indeterminable time which, if not adequately engaged and acted upon, may pass us by.

This crucial time bears witness to a profound window opening between two worldviews, that of the out-dated yet still prevalent logic of yesterday (with its hallmark models, mind-sets and metrics) and the dawn of our emerging future whereupon the perceptions and practices of yesterday melt amid the heat of the moment, alchemically reconfiguring new pathways, perspectives, principles and behaviours. Read the full story >>

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