Way Too Early 2017-18' NBA Predictions

As the NBA Awards show has just ended (finally) this means this season is officially over. Russell Westbrook took home the MVP, while Harden was the runner up and Kevin Durant was the Finals MVP. Can you imagine if they were all on the same team? OH WAIT- Fuck you and your money Presti. Anyways, I think this season is gonna be one for the ages with all the talent we have in this era and here are some un(educated) guesses.

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

Winner: Kawhi Leonard

I think Kawhi gets that MVP this year. He’s the best two way player in the game. Kawhi averaged 25.5 PPG last season WHILE guarding the best player on the other team most nights (let’s not forget he was giving KD that work before Zaza injured him). The guy is super effiecient and if anyone reminds me of MJ its him. He’s improved his game every single year. He’s become a deadly three point shooter shooting 38% at 5 attempts a game. His next step in taking his game to the next level is playmaking. Although, its his career high, he only averaged 3.5 assists last year per game. I think he is very capable of increasing that to 5 or around. Kawhi is truly just a killer, huge hands, clutch and really just a bull on defense. Another fact that’s looked over with Kawhi is “OH HE PLAYS FOR THE SPURS THEY’RE LOADED EVERY YEAR” that couldn’t be more wrong. LaMarcus Aldridge and the corpse of Manu? Kawhi willed that team to 62 wins in the west. His supporting cast wasn’t even that much better than Russell Westbrooks if were being honest. I mean, go look at LMA’s plus/minus in the playoffs. The Spurs need to help Kawhi man.

Watch this play from last season agaisnt the Rockets in the Playoffs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfmafJs_ATM


That was truly, an MVP moment.

Most Improved Player (MIP)

Winner: Willy Hernangomez

This award is very tricky because you really never know who could randomly break out next season but im gonna go out on a limb and pick Willy. I think he will start all season so the minutes will be there. The guy is just a big body, 6'11 240. I think he can be a double double machine next season truly. He has great hands for a big and his post moves are underrated he is skilled. For example, last season his per 36 was like 16 and 14, with good shooting splits. He’s only 23 so he is still relativly young and he’s gonna get better. I really think NY is gonna love this kid. That’s one thing I will give Phill credit for.

here are his stats and splits from last season here: http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/h/hernawi01.html

here is some highlights from last season:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUpK32aUTXQ

Guy is just smooth around the rim, great roller in PNR, and has nifty little FT line pull-up jumper.

Defensive Player of The Year (DPOY)

Winner: Rudy Gobert

Man how can you not like Rudy Gobert? This kid is already one of the best bigs in the game and effects it in a way no other big does. He alters almost every shot or blocks it and can move his feet way better than a 7’1 center should be capable of. He’s great at help defense and sliding over. Obviously he doesn’t guard the best player every game because he’s a center but trust me he makes a HUGE impact. In this past season, he was first in defensive win shares, so I mean he is PRETTY good. He also is great at cleaning the glass averaging about 13 RPG. What’s the point of playing good defense for 24 seconds just to not box out and allow second chance points? He also was first in BPG with 2.6 a night. he basically placed top 3 in every defensive category and measurements so just take a look yourself at his greatness: http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/g/goberru01.html

Watch Coach Nick breakdown his impact here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEy7JT-0FCk

here is some more highlights of just defense, it’s truly incredible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O36El3HE8TY

Six Man of The Year

Winner: Eric Gordon

I think my man EG takes it again. Its really simple, he plays in a Mike D’Antoni system and he’s a sniper. He’s going to be getting passes from James and CP3 now! (thanks woj) Last season Gordon averaged 16 PPG and attempted 8 threes a game at a 37 percent clip! That’s a lot of buckets. He’s not just a shooter either, he is still pretty athletic and gets to the line. I think his points could go up to 18 with Lou out as well. It really comes down to this guy coming off the bench in a great system with great players and just filling it up. I think he wins it again. The Rockets were also better with Gordon on the court in many situations playing small ball. he was 4th in the league in 3 point field goals made while coming off the bench, that’s impressive.

here is his stats here: http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/g/gordoer01.html

I also thought his shot chart was interesting: http://vorped.com/1-nba/2016-2017/player/1098/eric-gordon/shotchart/

and a compliation of every 3 he made last season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__0_cA-akec

Rookie of the Year (ROY)

Winner: De’Aaron Fox

(that’s a dope name just sayin’)

I think ROY really comes down to oppurtnity. Like a couple years ago Michael Carter fucking Williams won because he had a good stat line on a terrible team, now look at him. Anyways, I think Fox already has the keys to the offense and is already super athletic and talented. I could see him getting 15–7 pretty easily with the Kings and I think that’d do it. I do like this kid and think he is promising but I also think starting from day 1 is a huge advantage. A player like Jayson Tatum is super talented but wont get as much oppurtunity, which is fine for now. We cant forget Fox absolutely toched Lonzo and put 39 on his head in college. The Kings might actually have something going for them :<) god they need it.

p.s his father should probably not talk about his son eating another mans ass.

here is some of his measurables and stats last year, pretty impressive:http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/De-Aaron-Fox-72510/

Game where he torches Lonzo in march >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb02UydQsqI

Coach of the Year

Winner: Brad Stevens

I wont go into too much detail here, I just think this comes down to the Celtics having a great record and Stevens being super smart and one of the best minds in basketball.

here is some incredible sets ran by Stevens here if your heart desires that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01nFMAkuAus

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