When a Friendship Has Run Its Course
Ali Arnone

A very insightful article. Yes, that has happened to me. Once, I had a friend I would spend so much of my time with, sharing our interests that were the same down to the movies we liked. We even thought of changing the world together- and how to do it.

Sadly, our friendship just fell apart. We drifted away from each other. It was painful for me at first, realizing that I’ve lost someone so dear. Honestly, I’ve never encountered someone who shares my views of the world before. He was one of the closest and it hurts to have lost someone so dear.

I guess that’s the way things are. The only thing to do is just to let go and let things run their way. I’ve tried clinging on, and that just brings me more anguish. Maybe someday I’ll find the best person for me.

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