Clearing My Mind

A few thoughts on what’s currently going on in my life. Can’t wait to write another good, long article. Cheers!

Life has been so hectic recently; there’s so many ideas blooming in my mind, but I’ve no choice. I have to suppress them for now. 24 hours a day just isn’t enough time. I can’t seem find the peaceful break in which I can do what I love: write.

My school break just ended, and I find myself bombarded with huge lists of things to get done. Not that I didn’t have much to do in the first place. Exams loom over the horizon, there’s assignments to be completed, books to be read — every second I neglect them adds to the feeling of guilt.

It’s extremely tiring getting these tasks finished one by one, but every day I try my best. No matter how productive I am, they’re always one step ahead. Taunting me.

The weather doesn’t help —where I live, it’s scorching almost every day of the year. A dozen hours at school, coupled with homework and revising makes my mind fuzzy and my body drained.

The blazing sun is relentless and the clouds don’t seem to be able to do their job. They drift lazily around, wisps that stay insubstantial. It’s stifling and humid even at night.

It was just yesterday when I found myself trying to cram a few more useful facts into my head. It was throbbing from sheer exhaustion, but I had to go on. Five minutes later, I stifled another yawn and my hands moved of their own accord. They decided to snap the book shut. Oh well, I suppose it was getting pretty late.

This is how the last few days have been. I’m able to snatch a few precious minutes, but more pressing things get in the way all the time. It’s mentally taxing, and my only getaway is to read stories you guys share here on Medium. I haven’t the time to write any, but just spending a half hour delving into another world makes me feel so much better.

Thinking about it, I might even be able to steal a lazy afternoon this weekend all for myself. I’ll do nothing, and that means lying on the sofa and getting some shuteye.

I know it’s nothing much to write about — these are but mere trivialities. Still, it feels good complaining a bit sometimes (though admitting it doesn’t feel quite as good). Putting down my thoughts just helps me relax.

I’d love to write another one of my usual articles about life. Honestly, it was extremely touching when you guys showed me so much support in The Life That Never Was. For the first time, I no longer felt alone in this world. I even managed to inspire some people. To each and every one of you, thank you so much!

I’ve some other good thoughts I can’t wait to share, and I will write them down. I just will. I don’t care if those pesky assignments keep on coming, I’ll find time to do what I love. Soon.

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