ChatZone: Local Anonymous Chat

At ChatZone, we believe in open communication at a locally-focussed level. We believe every person’s voice deserves to be heard. We believe that allowing users to chat with those nearby provides context. ChatZone is not just local, anonymous chat, it’s so much more.

It turns out when we add in the level of user-driven focus that being able to create detailed zones offers, context is provided. ChatZone, allowing users to make zones they’re within, provides a context to the discussion by focusing on what’s local to the users — what’s important to these users. And when we remove the ability for users to down vote others posts out of existence, we provide freedom of expression to all.

To prevent discussions leading to information that is highly-personal or threat-laden, users can remove messages they find offensive from their own feeds. Also, once several users make a point of reporting a user, we temporarily give that user a time-out, to help prevent bullying, and other dangerous comments.

We, here at ChatZone, are now on both Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. We look forward to seeing what you share with ChatZone.

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