Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Killing Your Business Website

For a business, your website enhances branding and marketing efforts. Internet users come to your website for a reason. It is important you provide as much information about your product and services as you can to answer all the questions they may have.

If you have a wrong web design, you are losing thousands of dollars. A good website is vital for your business. With that in mind, here are the top five website design mistakes you need to avoid to grow your bottom line.

Missing or vague call to action

When users have found your website, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to contact you, buy your services or products, and/or subscribe to your news? Tell your readers what you want them to do. The call to action (CTA) tells your readers what is in for them. The CTA should be clear. Vague or missing CTA makes your website bad for business.

Flashy design

A flashy web design will not bring visitors to your site, but proper marketing will. Again, flashy websites perform poorly on mobiles devices, and over 61 percent of Internet users are surfing the internet on their mobile phones. Most visitors to your site know what they want from your site, and if they will not find it within three seconds, there is something wrong with your web design. The Chattanooga web design helps to create appropriate websites that for your business.

Not researching your target market

Most business owners are eager to own a website. They tend to focus more on an urgency that to understand the target market. In the end, they create a website for all, and not for their target market. You need to understand your audience. For instance, the front page of your website should have a larger font size if you target an older audience.

Non-responsive website

Well, over 46% of people are surfing the internet on their smartphones. If your website cannot adapt to the small screen, the users find it difficult to navigate your site. This way, if your website is not responsive, your visitors will get frustrated and leave your site. A responsive site allows users to visit your site with different screen sizes across phones, tablets, “phablets,” game consoles, desktops, TVs, as well as wearable.

Doing everything yourself

Your customers get the first experience about your brand from your website. If you don’t have the design experience, you will not get right. Like in dating, the first impression is everything. A poorly done website sends a bad picture to your visitors. Therefore, if you do not have the skills to build an impressive internet site, avoid going DIY and contact web design Chattanooga.

Bottom line

So what website design that drives you insane? Remember, the bottom line is, a professional website funnel visitors to your site but the job to offer satisfying services is yours.