Top Four Reasons Why a Responsive Website is Essential for Business

46% of people accessing the internet using mobile devices say they have problems viewing static sites. Static sites are non-responsive websites. So, if your business has a traditional, non-responsive site, you are discouraging your customers from discovering you online. This is why a responsive site is essential for your business in this digital era. A responsive website ensures that your clients can find you online despite the size of the device with which they are viewing. With that in mind, here are top four reasons your business should have a responsive website.

Mobile usage is on the rise

Searching online using mobile has increased significantly in the past years, thanks to the improved mobile technology. Statistics shows that over 21 percent of Google searches are done on mobile devices. Again, businesses that offer good mobile experience have a 61% chance to impress their customers. Therefore, having a responsive web design boosts your performance online.

Improved user experience

If people land on your mobile website and fail to see what they are looking for, they get upset, and there is a 61% chance they will leave for other websites, according to Google’s Think Insight. This means that you will lose even some of your clients to your competitors. This is bad for business. On the other hand, users are 67% likely to make a purchase or use your services if they have a positive experience. A responsive site will offer your customers this positive experience.

Cost effective approach

Some people will say building a responsive website is expensive when it comes to hiring designers such as Chattanooga web designers. Yes. The initial cost is high. However, you cannot compare the initial cost with the cost of hosting different sites for different devices. Users can visit your site with single URL on different screen sizes across phones, tablets, “phablets”, game consoles, desktops, TVs, as well as wearable. This reduces the cost of maintenance and marketing.

Search engines are in love with responsive websites

Decent, right traffic means decent conversion. Search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google do a lot to funnel traffic to your site. These search engines among others favor responsive websites to traditional, non-responsive sites.

Also, it is easier to optimize your site for search engines and marketing since you are working on one version of the same website. You can get more information from web design Chattanooga on responsive websites.


The WWW is changing at an amazing pace. It is challenging to run a business online. Creating a website that is easy to manage, cost friendly, and that offers good experience is essential for your business. A responsive website will give you an improved user experience on all devices despite their screen sizes.