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I Am A Cellphone That Misses Those Political Campaign Texts

I miss you, political campaign texters. I long for those days of your persistent messages stressing the importance of voting in this presidential election. My world, and screen, is dark without them. Just cancel my service and send me to that big electronics recycling bin in the sky!

The first message subtly caught my attention. “Can I count on you?”, an unknown number flashing on my screen. Your messages made me light up from the start. “Who is this?” my owner rapidly replied then sat me down. That was our norm those days. But I waited with bated breath for…

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Weird! Woman Finds Value in Life Despite Being Single and Childless

(Womanspiration) One woman’s recount of how she was able to live a fulfilled life without saying “I do!” or popping buns out of her oven. What’s next? Rejecting impossibly beauty standards?!

Woman Distraught Victoria’s Secret Is Closing, Unsure Where She’ll Get Her Tote Bags from Now

(Living) Without the free tote bag with purchase, is there any reason to shop at Victoria Secret? It’s the reward for being a walking billboard for their Pink brand.

Squats and Lunges Proven Effective In Preventing Rape

(Womanspiration) Having thigh muscles strong enough…

It summarized the article perfectly. No need to read any further.

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That article you posted the other day was really thought-provoking. I just had to comment on it after reading the headline. That’s right, I never actually read the article. Only the headline. It’s called being headline guilty, and I make no apologies for it, especially since the headline states everything I need to know. Why would I bother reading any further?

The headline is the most important part, equally eye-catching and informative. It tells me all I need to know in just a few words instead of some lengthy, overthought explanation masquerading as research. Like the title of a book…

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Having Big Breasts Looks Like Fun; And, I Want In

Sorry, fellow members of the itty-bitty titty committee. I’m ready to trade-in my membership for the other side. Big breasted women, like blondes, look like they have more fun; and, I’m jealous. Hearing these women complain about wearing a bra, and the freedom that comes with taking it off makes me want to experience the same euphoria these 34Bs just won’t give me. So, let me tell you about my upgrade.

I’m not sure about exact size but I have a few ideas. First, they gotta be bigger than a…

Image by Luke Longerbee

Hi Social Activists! I applaud you for being involved in the cause and a part of the fight! Your efforts are both brave and noble. But even though you might be fighting for your lives, unless you do it right, it’s not valid. So, below are a few helpful suggestions for getting it right.

Plan ahead

Social injustice isn’t a spontaneous event, so invites can be sent at least 3 weeks in advance. That’s just good protest etiquette. A bridal or baby shower wouldn’t happen on the fly; and, neither should social change.

Make it a universal cause

Keep the cause you are protesting very broad to…

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