Tips on How to Find Cheap Flights

Booking flights is easier than ever thanks to competition, but it’s even better if you can book cheap flights. You might not think much about the cost, but when you add up the charges airlines impose on baggage fees and other stuff, it makes sense to try and get one cheap. The good news is it isn’t that hard.

1. Take Advantage of the 24 Hour Rule
Once you’ve booked a flight, check the fare the following morning. If the cost has gone down, cancel and rebook. Most airlines allow you to do this without incurring any penalty so give it a try.

2. Book at the Last Minute
This is a trick frequent fliers employ: it’s a known fact that airlines often slash prices if they can’t get a plane filled up for a weekend flight. Check regularly with your airline for any offers or discounts, and chances are as early as Tuesday or Wednesday they’ll send you an email notifying you of the discount. This is one of the reasons why it pays to sign up for airline alerts, so be watchful.

3. It’s the Fare, Not the Destination
If you’re up for some adventure and have no specific destination in mind, go online and use tools like Kayak to find various destinations for a specific budget. You can also use the Internet to find cheap flights to New York and other destinations. Also look for flights that have mostly empty seats as they’re likely to offer discounts.

4. Go Bargain Hunting on Twitter and Facebook
A growing number of airlines are now using Facebook and / or Twitter to announce promotions and discounts, so make sure to keep an eye out for this. And when we say keep an eye out, be quick about it, as some of these promos are very limited and end in just a few hours. So if you spot a good offer, grab it before someone else does.

5. Fly Different Airlines
There’s no law that says you have to fly the same airline so if it’s cheaper why not mix them up? The majority of airlines offer one-way flights at affordable rates, so there’s a chance one is more affordable for the outbound flight while the other is better for return flights. And if the numbers suggest it’s cheaper to fly in one airport and depart on another, why not?

6. Be a Frequent Flier
It’s no secret: airlines love frequent fliers and offer perks and freebies when you have flown a certain number of miles. Using a credit card that’s connected to the airline can also earn you points and discounts.

These tips can help you get cheap flights to India and other locations, but in addition, using credit cards tied to the airline can earn gift cards or miles redeemed. Any way you look at it, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to booking affordable flights: it all comes down to a matter of research and being a bit creative.

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