How To Pick The Perfect Accent Chair

Picking the perfect accent chair for a room can require more thought and consideration than one would think.


Well, if you think about it, your new accent chair is playing a major role in defining your space. A simple chair can either really help give your room some personality or give it non what-so-ever. You also have to think about if you want this chair to truly have function or is it a piece of art?

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That’s for you to decide.

So if you’re on the market for the perfect chair, here are some tips to follow:

Pick Your Pattern

Before picking your pattern, take a look at the room and the pieces you currently have to work with.

How big is your room?

What does your current furniture say?

Does your current furniture lack pizzazz?

Or does your current furniture have a lot going on?

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Here is where you can really add some character to your room or you can take the opportunity to town it down and add some balance.

No matter which direction you decide to go in, the pattern that you choose should pull colors from other pieces. But also don’t be afraid to bring in additional colors as well.

If you choose a patterned print, make sure it adds depth to the room. And if you choose to use the accent chair as a source a balance, by going with a solid, try to opt for a color that speaks to your personality.

Pick Your Style

So what’s your style?

Are you more recliner style? Or is a club chair more your thing? Or are you modern and futuristic?

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When picking a style, don’t forget to consider your needs as well.

If you really want this chair to be functional and comfortable, don’t go for something stuff and structured.

But if you’re looking for something more modern, an oversized recliner probably isn’t going to do it either.

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So in this style, you need to find your balance between style and purpose.

Pick Your Fabric

Just like picking your pattern and style, fabric is just as important.

When choosing a fabric you might to ask yourself the following questions:

Is this a high traffic room?

Will children frequent this room?

Will food be allowed in this room?

What vibe am I going for?

Is this a room to lounge in?

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And depending how you answered the above questions, you can decide on which fabric is best for you and your needs.

Here are some notes to consider:

Suede — Traditional and classic but not ideal for high traffic rooms

Microfiber — Resembles suede but does not require as much attention

Leather — Provides a more rugged but natural feel

Slipcovers — Durable and can be washed

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