15 music books to read

Gary Carey — www.facebook.com/gary.carey.988

“I’ve recently finished “Natural Woman”, a memoir by Carole King. Interesting read, though patchy. I suppose a memoir is always going to be selective.:

“The most boring musical autobiography I’ve read is by Jools Holland. He’s too tactful!. I’d recommend “Squeeze: song by song” for anyone who’s interested in them, or in pop songwriting.”

Donald J Makin — www.facebook.com/djm890

John Peel’s autobiography — great read in his voice showing passion and love for music- a sad read as you realise what champion of music we lost

Gary King — www.facebook.com/gary.king.94214

“I recently read, “Forbidden Music: The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis”, by Michael Haas. An interesting history of a generation of suppressed composers. Haas presents a different perspective of the development of modern music.”

Mike Stambaugh — www.facebook.com/stambaugh

“Ernst Toch’s “the shaping forces in music.” the unabashed and unapologetic subjectivity is refreshing.”

Oliver Duffy — www.facebook.com/oliver.l.duffy

“Have read Scar Tissue — Anthony Kiedis. A good read but comes across as 90% drug stories, I guess thats the main focus of the book but I reckon there was room for some more context and other stories related to the music and writing/recording.”

“Currently reading Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl — Carrie Brownstein. Amazing so far, just over halfway through (A bit into the Dig Me Out touring cycle). Some of the developments in her family during her childhood (won’t spoil it) are introduced a bit abruptly but other than that its a very interesting book and I listen to the music in a completely new way now.”

Leslie Gagau — www.facebook.com/leslie.gagau

“I’ve been reading a book called ‘Beyond Talent: Creating A Successful Career in Music’ by Angela Myles Beeching, talking about music entrepreneurship.”

“I’m also reading ‘Creative Thinkering: Putting Your Imagination to Work’ by Michael Michalko. It’s about thinking more creatively and innovative in general but I also aim to apply it to my art.”

Gcina Maqhawe Mavuso — www.facebook.com/gcinamicah.mavuso.9

“Rogers Kamien’s “Music, An Appreciation.” All western eras & most composers. the likes of Bach, Vivaldi & Handel on Baroque. then Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven on Classical era. Verdi, Wagner, Berlioz, Brahms, Chopin & Liszt on Romantic era. Debussy etc on 20th Century Music. very interesting book”

David Andrew Wiebe — www.facebook.com/davidandrewwiebe

“I’ve read David Hooper’s “Six-Figure Musician” recently. I certainly took some inspiration from it myself, and think it’s a good read. I rated it 4/5 on Amazon. I would say it’s less practical steps to achieving six-figures, and rather puts an emphasis on creating a great experience for your fans.”

Jerry Sparrow — www.facebook.com/jerry.sparrow.18

Harders workbook “Tonal Music” & Rimsky Korsakov “Orchestration

“The shaping of musical elements” — Part 1 & Part 2

Morag Angus — www.facebook.com/morag.angus

Currently reading “Sail Away”, Whitesnakes bio.