Meet Jasper Wilde & Clarey Sage

I’d been ‘chatting’ to Clarey via Twitter DM for some months. When I was coming to the end of my time in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, I suggested we meet in person when I got back.

Clarey, Jasper and I chatted a bit about music and our thoughts about the industry. they played (via Clarey’s new MacBook, which was having wifi issues) me some music that Jasper had been working on / produced.

Then they invited me down into the studio and Jasper shared some of his other works-in-progress. I liked all of them. He read out the gist of an email requesting tracks he’d received from / regarding / for someone at the ICMP (“The Institute?” I asked) and Clarey told me most of Jaspers fans were from there. I told them I’d crossed paths with a few people who’d been through the ICMP doors and had done a part time [music business] course them myself 2 years ago.

I started listening to his music on Soundcloud through the earphones of my 2 month old Samsung Galaxy S7 on the train on my way home. I Liked and Reposted some of them, both of which actions were auto-tweeted through @CheekyPromo and I saw that @TheJasperWilde had seen them.

@MissClareysage: all the clever & creative people I know are doing it for the love of it

@CheekyPromo: I must be VERY clever then :p

@MissClareysage: you are … we all need to be patient. I think the digital stealth bomber could be your job, like MI5 or 6

@CheekyPromo: so stealth no one knows about me

@MissClareysage: you’re great with internet communication — people like Alex can’t do it. You work under cover — I told you about the guy in LA — no one knows who he is and that’s why they all buy into him. You’re good face to face … but label people are ****s. Jasper Wilde and I liked spending time with you. But your talent is communicating with new techs and that is the future. You are very articulate online — not many people can do that. You need to use your talent scouting skills — go for new artists on the up — look at anyone on bbc intro and build a relationship with Spotify. Do a cheeky playlist; put in old songs and new ones too — become a blogger and write honest reviews. [It’s] so hard to find good music every week — so maybe 5 a week.

@CheekyPromo: right. I haven’t watched X-factor since I christened it (wh)Y-Factor

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