That’s Alright The Rewind — Michael Egleton

Michael Egleton is an award-winning artist from Akron, Ohio, who began his music career in church playing Gospel music alongside his Grandfather, who was a fiery Gospel preacher from the South and also a church Pastor. This is where his interest and learning of music started from at a very young age. He would soon explore other genres of music and later decided to spread his wings into Jazz, Blues and Soul music.

Many compare his music to the late, Donny Hathaway, a moving artist from the 60’s and 70’s until his tragic death in 1979. Michael and Donny’s lives are very similar with both of them having parents that worked in the music departments of their respective churches, starting their involvement in gospel music at almost the same young age, leading songs in the choir at this early age and their interest in instruments at this early age. Their song and singing styles are also very similar. Both Michael and Donny’s music interests landed them on the piano and Hammond organ. Michael also during this time played bongos, drums, trumpet and guitar. Anything he would set his hand to he would eventually learn how to play. Both later switched to Soul, Jazz and Blues genres of music. With such an eerie similarity in their musical lives, it isn’t strange that Michael would gravitate toward this style of music.

Michael’s inspiration for writing songs comes from his years of living life and relationships. He started his secular music journey some years ago by dabbling in various genres. His music style is described as a cross between Blues, Soul and Jazz. Hard to categorize, different and yet familiar, Michael’s style is one of a kind. He is described as, a fresh new sound with an old flare, employing innovative techniques combined with a classic style. His music is said to be simple, yet mature. Nothing too complicated. A straight to the point sound that’s refreshing in today’s music. Michael has a saying that has become a staple with the description of his music. It’s Music for the body. Music from the Soul. Music of the Heart.

His award winning, independent project, A Look Into My Heart, afforded Michael quite a bit notoriety and attention with him going on to win 3 awards and one nomination. He has won the Ohio Music Awards, Adult Contemporary, The Top 25 Most Listened to Artists for 2014 with the It’s All Soul To Me radio program with its host the late Mr. Simon Darke in the UK, a 2016 Akedemia Music Award, Adult Contemporary, and two nominations, 2014 and 2016, with the IMA (Independent Music Awards). A Look Into My Heart also landed as many as 6 songs in rotation on many radio stations around the world in multiple genres.

Music from his new independent project, That’s Alright, The Rewind, has already had music nominated for a 2016 IMA Music Award, with the song, “Behind These Walls” featuring the great Bob Esterle on saxophone. Michael has lived to overcome many extra-ordinary situations in his life that has provided a wealth of writing material for his “real life” music. He has also been blessed to work with some very impressive artists, musicians and professionals in today’s world of music. With your help, Michael can complete the recording and promotion of That’s Alright, The Rewind, and release it for the world to hear.

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