The Importance of Marketing Your Event via Video

It doesn’t take long scrolling through Facebook or Twitter to realize that video is currently dominating the world of social media. Marketing experts have come to realize that video offers the potential to reach large audiences in a way that other advertising tactics simply cannot. This means that as you begin to spread the word about your next event, video content should sit at the top of your priority list.

The Numbers Prove It

The world of online marketing is hardly short on data and statistics, and the numbers relating to video content speak for themselves. Placing a video in an email campaign can generate a 250 percent increase in click through rate, and just one video on your website’s landing page can lead to a conversion rate up to 80 percent higher than before. No event planner wants to miss the opportunity for such growth, so the following tips will help you capitalize on video content in a professional and efficient manner.

Boost Excitement with a Montage of Past Events

If the event you are staging is an annual gathering, or if you’ve hosted events in the past that were similar in nature, you can create a short video to highlight the best moments of those events. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, this simply requires pictures and videos of the past events, appropriately peppy music, and quotes from past speakers and attendees. Blended all together, this type of montage will remind viewers exactly why they want to RSVP “Yes!”

Have Your Main Guest Offer a Sneak Peek

This is a great idea if you have a keynote speaker or high-profile guest attending your event. Ask this person — or people — to create a simple sneak peek video and share it with potential attendees via email, social media, website, and/or blog post.

Video Testimonials

Just like car mechanics and travel agents, event planners can also benefit from positive customer testimonials. Ask a diverse selection of guests at a few of your events to share their positive experience at your events and then blend their words into a one-minute video of compelling testimonial that will persuade others to attend your future events. This type of marketing piece can be reused in many different formats for the benefit of your company.

In addition to these three ideas, there are countless other ways to incorporate video into your marketing practices. Anything from a look behind the scenes to a Facebook Live video during an exciting moment of an event will draw viewers and boost your brand.

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