Why am I writing? Is it to express feelings? Is it to conquer the world? Is it to write history so future humans can learn and master humanity? — Is it so we can wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and relaxed? Is it because when we feel relaxed, we can much better ourselves as humans and learn from mistakes? Is it so we can feel motivated in the morning to chase our career choices?

Of course it is. We all have our own path. And we should stick on our own path. Chase what we’re good at. Chase that Digital dream. Write a book. Be an author. Make music. Express yourself. Be who YOU want to be. Not what someone else wants you to be. Express yourself. Find your inner hobbies and share it with the world.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you’re doing, you’ll be happy.

Hey we aren’t objects, we’re people too.

We live to appreciate the amazing things you do.

We might get coerced into doing things. Is that a fad? Don’t be mad. Why am I rhyming? Alliterating my words? My words fell out of my mind, on to this digital bit of paper. The thoughts empower more strength. Strength leads to happiness. A better way of life.


Losing Intelligence For Everyone. Well, that’s how we feel. We get exhausted. Exasperated. Always looking for answers to our problem solving. Always being there. Existing. In this V. O. I. D.

Writing helps me. It helps me know that I’m not the only one having these thoughts. It helps me express myself. It helps because psychologically it just does. Our ancestors. Researching every human move. To make us evolve. This is the now. Humankind as we know it is evolving. We’re getting more intelligent. Technology. Media. Digital. — We live in the now. The human revolution. We develop. We don’t conquer. Humans are ever evolving. Media is changing. Politics is changing. Live in the now. Be a part of that revolution. Do what you love. No one is stopping you.

We’re all entrepreneurs. We’re little professors. We are the now. We are the people. The emotions and powerful energies that come from this piece. It’s the energy from one human to the next. It’s the evolution of our thought processes. It’s the mind within that gives us strength. It’s the world. It’s changing. For the better. The powers within. Gives us strength to conquer. Conquering is never a bad thing. Conquering is in the mind. The powerful energy. The energy that’s right in front of us. It’s what wakes us up in the morning to feel motivated. It’s the key. The key. What’s the key? Well, only YOU know what that key is. The key that unlocks you. The key that unlocks your true potential.

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