When they say “Failure is not an option?” — what do they mean?

Failure. The word that gets touted in media, news, headlines. — what’s failure though? Is it being relentless and making choices that could be risky? Is risk an option? Is failure an option or an opportunity for something better? Does failure mean that your lazy and a weak person?

What exactly is failure? If you don’t do something good that’s expected of you. — That’s then considered failure?

When you hear the word failure, do you automatically go into a regressive hunk of mess and give up? Is it easy to get out of failure?

In life, people expect you do do things. Whether it’s an inexplicit rule said by another person, or the fact that people think you’re lazy. — You might find that you aren’t playing to your strengths.

So I’m sat here, with my headphones in listening to some Dan Bull, a rapper from the UK, while writing this piece. Scientifically, it’s said that music helps boost production and as the words flow you begin to get more and more productive. Is it the rhythm of the music? Is it the lyrics? Is it the BPM (Beats Per Minute)? — music plays a big part in our lives. Though, there is scientific evidence to presume that music does help. And indeed it does.

But to be completely honest and iterate that music does help your production and learning. Why do we have so many inexplicit rules in the workplace? Can’t we have headphones? Oh, it’s not suitable to have music on in the workplace. Everyone has different music tastes too… So, you’d annoy everyone in the office.

Oh humans, what have we done? Failure is not an option? I’d say it’s more up to the individual person if they believe they have failed. I don’t think it’s up to educational establishments to say that you are good at something or not. Work experience could be anything. Got anything you’re good at? Let the world know your talent!

But hey, that’s my opinion. Yours may be different.

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