Safety pins, symbolism, and why I was like “naw, Son”.

Ya know what…to be white in america is to be told you are racist even if you are not…hows that grab ya? Another fact about Muslims is that a huge majority of them want Sharia Law. A recent survey showed that more than half of them would want Sharia Law in the USA. Obama wanted to flood the country with Syrian refugees, and use US tax payer money to fund their needs. These people may or may not hate us and hate our way of life, and we are paying for them to settle here. These are not your immigrants from years past who came to Ellis Island, signed in and worked their tails off. These are immigrants who come here with their hands out, wont learn the language and wont assimilate. Kudos to the ones that do, but if half are bad, we have to be very careful. Its time to right this ship and start having some common sense in this country. The stupid safety pin people are the symbol of failed liberalism…thanks for “pointing” yourselves out.

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