More Whites are killed by police than Black, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asian/Pacific Islanders…

You are missing one huge fact, and thats the rate of crime committed by black people. Its not racist, but fact that blacks commit more crime, and hence more shootings. Not saying its right or wrong. To me, white people get shot all the time and white people think, oh well, they must have been doing something wrong, OR if things are not done properly by the police, there is an investigation and the proper parties are punished. When a black man is shot, even if they are doing bad things, we have Ferguson and Colin Kapernick. Justified looting and a failed NFL second string QB who is more white than me. It all has to stop. The bulk of this country is not racist, and when people who are not racist continually are called racist, it tends to make you want to vote for Donald Trump to get even for it.

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