Dear Chefs, (This is For You)
Chris Hill

I read the letter and watched the Tedx. For years I have read things like this and they always validated and justified why I do what I do. Face it, WE ARE ROCK STARS!!

However, now, 15 years later, my 2 daughters are grown. I missed everything in their lives. I missed first soccer goals, getting ready for prom, I wasn’t there to be a shoulder to cry on if they got dumped or had a fight with their best friend. I expressed my creativity and passion for my team at the expense my daughters not having a mom. This is a conscious choice I made because of how much I love this CRAZY career we have all chosen.

Is my passion, creativity and love for the restaurant business more than my passion and love for my daughters? This is the message they got their entire lives. When I am gone, they wont say, “My mom was a great chef, who improved the bottom line on P&L’s and got down and dirty with cuts and burns with her team” They WILL say, “My mom was a workaholic, she was never home”

I will never fully know how much they hurt by my absence or how unimportant I made them feel so that I could feel that exhilarating thrill after completing that impossible service.

I made the wrong choice and now I can’t get out. This is all I know how to do.

My 20 year old Daughter just gave birth to my first grandchild. I want out. I don’t want to miss a single soccer goal.

This is a wonderful and fulfilling career.. IF.. You choose not to have children and fall in love with another chef.