Miami Doctor heals without drugs

Doctors are so quick to prescribe meds these days, but one South Florida doctor says not-so-fast.

Dr. Michael Forman, DOM, is a clinical nutritionist who restores organ functions with food-based medicines. He performs a rare type of medical service, one you may never have heard of, Applied Clinical Nutrition (specifically, Nutrition Response Testing) a form of integrative medicine that combines scientific and physiological findings with a holistic viewpoint toward health management. He says “the clinically proven system is different from other healing practices in that it integrates diet, lifestyle and supplementation and is able to tap into what your body tells us it needs.”

Not to be confused with what a nutritionist does, Dr. Forman does not prescribe diets, only food-based medicines that solely help conditions. He’s patients range from age 2 to 75.

“I don’t look at organs like car parts, I look at them in a synergistic way,” Dr. Forman said. And in regards to his alternative to pharmaceuticals, he said, “I do not suppress symptoms of an organ — that continues the problem. I look at the body’s condition in a holistic and synergistic way.”

The most common conditions Dr. Forman sees are high blood sugar, chronic asthma and hyper or hypo thyroid issues. And among all his patients, the majority were never given a proper diagnosis from their doctor or they developed side effects from pharmaceutical drugs. Think about how much time you normally spend with a doctor? 5 minutes, maybe 15 if you are lucky. Dr. Forman spends a significantly longer time with patients to figure out the root cause of their problems. Then he attempts to reverse medical issues, not mask them.

One condition Dr. Forman has had great success in reversing is Type II diabetes. When a patient gets diagnosed with diabetes they often feel as if life as they know it is over. Now they have to deal with daily finger pricks, potential insulin injections, countless drugs and a drastically different diet. Dr. Forman says this doesn’t have to be the case. He has several patients who have seen a complete reversal in as short as three months. He isn’t doing it with drugs either. His therapeutic approach is completely different. He uses a system of analysis to show what organs are not functioning properly and what specific nutritional supplementation could help restore functionality.

Dr Forman says “eating a better diet is not enough to correct the problem. Because of soil erosion, pesticides and genetic modifications irreversible applied to crops, even the best food does not provide the nutrients required to restore the long term degeneration causing symptoms and disease.”

He goes on to add that, “Our approach to correcting the underlying causes to correct health problems is to identify the specific organ dysfunctions and nutritional deficiencies that lie at the cause of the symptoms and handling those deficiencies with the appropriate supplementation to fix it. These supplements are specific concentrated whole food medicines available only through a physician. They are made to address specific clinical nutritional deficiencies.”

Todd Goodwin, a former patient of Dr. Forman, says:

“I came to Dr. Forman with several seemingly unrelated symptoms that, while certainly not very serious, were annoying and getting worse, and apparently shared a common cause. Dr. Forman’s use of precisely dosed whole food nutritional supplements as a complementary treatment to acupuncture has helped to resolve these issues at the cause, so now the symptoms and root problems are eliminated.”