ChefWorthy Do’s & Don’ts

As you’ve hopefully read on previous ChefWorthy Blog Posts, there are approximately a Bazillion online product reviews (Note: not to be confused with a Brazilian, a citizen of Brazil) and hundred (if not thousands) of websites where they are posted. As you can imagine, there are a variety of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to writing AND submitting a peer online product review.


  • Trying To Game The System. B2B Product Review platforms appreciate the honest and credible reviews that users submit. Many of them, as token of appreciation, offer rewards in varying amounts. Less scrupulous and dishonest users try to take advantage of the system by posting under different profiles, creating different accounts, using fake LinkedIn account credentials, using unidentifiable emails (i.e. no name in it) etc. Word to the wise: DON’T. Counterfeit reviews harm folks who are researching their next foodservice equipment purchase. At ChefWorthy, the integrity of the reviews posted is at the core of who we are. We verify and vet every account and review prior to publication. If we suspect suspicious activity, we won’t publish the review. In severe cases of abuse, we’ll block user accounts and delete profiles. We expect more from our Community. Don’t let us down.


  • Pace Yourself. We love it when our community members are enthusiastic about ChefWorthy and we want them to write reviews about products they have experience with. But if you write and submit 8 reviews in 20 minutes in one day, that’s gonna raise some red flags and get our attention. At ChefWorthy we limit our community members to submitting five (5) reviews per month. You can submit more than five (5) but those reviews won’t be eligible for a reward. But even if you are only going to submit five (5) reviews, spread them out over a couple of weeks. We still check.
  • Be Descriptive In Your Review Title. The first piece of information most individuals will encounter when accessing your review is the name of the review. A distinctive, descriptive review names help viewers understand the general topic or sentiment of the review. So for example, a review about a fryer could be titled as follows:
  • Use Your LinkedIn/Gmail Credentials To Join Or Login. ChefWorthy encourages users who wish to become part of our community to take advantage of “two-click” account creation. Clicking on “Continue with LinkedIn” or “Continue with Google” gets you joined or logged-in in just two clicks. You can also use your company email address. That’s just a few keystrokes. Please don’t use AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN or Comcast emails etc. It’s the 21st Century for Pete’s Sake. ChefWorthy was created by
    Foodservice Professional for Foodservice Professionals. Emphasis on the word “Professional”

Mathew Mandeltort
ChefWorthy, LLC

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Chef Worthy strives to be the foodservice industry’s most trusted source for unbiased and insightful peer reviews on equipment, products and services.

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Chef Worthy

Chef Worthy

Chef Worthy strives to be the foodservice industry’s most trusted source for unbiased and insightful peer reviews on equipment, products and services.

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