To first year DP students,

Welcome I’m sorry this is a bit late..but my biggest advice to you would be to really think about:

  1. what is it you want to do?
  2. what subjects do you like/want to take?
  3. what kind of teachers will be able to help you the most?

It’s really important to consider the third question. Personally, I think this is the most important. Essentially, your teacher is someone who will be guiding you throughout this DP process with IAs, Paper 1s, and Paper 2s. Its really important for you to consider:

  1. is this teacher qualified?
  2. does the teacher really enjoy teaching? (i find that teachers who are passionate at what they do will motivate you..and those that are merely doing it for money (shame on them) will generally be less willing to engage with you to talk about certain topics and less inclined to help. This contributes to a generally less fulfilling class)

It is never too late to change your subjects!

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