These are the Things you Should Stop Saying to Multicultural People

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“You say you’re mixed, but not biracial,” an acquaintance once said to me, “Are you saying that because you’re more than just two races? Because I am very likely more than biracial, but I identify as Latinx because that’s the family and culture I’m closest to.”

Their question was an honest one, but their reasoning — and apparent motive — left an air of judgment over our conversation. I identify, generally, as both white and mixed because it’s fast-and-easy, and I don’t feel the need to be specific 100 percent of the time. However, when I’m asked to be more…

Fighting race-erasure is complicated when you’re multiracial with white privilege

Five generations of my Melungeon family (Left to right: GG-Grandmother, GGG-grandmother, Great-grandmother, Maternal grandfather, Mother)

Mixed race people make up approximately seven percent of the American population — and The Pew Research Center expects that number to swell to around 20% over the next three decades. If you add the number of Americans who are raised not knowing that they are mixed race, the percentage is possibly much larger than that. I am one of those multiracial Americans, but you’d never guess by simply looking at me. I am Melungeon — an Appalachian woman with a rich ancestral bloodline that was almost obliterated by white supremacy. Because I have light skin, with all the privilege…

The 19-year-old Jewish influencer opens up about being bullied, and shares advice for other young victims of cyberharassment

Lillee Jean is an Instagram star and YouTuber who’s produced beauty and makeup-related content for over four years. However, the past year has been rough for the 19-year-old influencer. She says that she is the victim of a targeted campaign of cyberbullying by a group of trolls who seem bizarrely devoted to destroying her life. From accusations of fraud, to body-shaming and antisemitic slurs, the teenager has navigated a veritable battlefield on her path to becoming recognized as an artist and internet celebrity. I had the opportunity to interview Lillee Jean recently, and she had a few things to say…

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When should the city of Las Vegas reopen to resume “normal” daily life? In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the public is split among those who want to go back to work and those who want to “flatten the curve.” It is certain that there are two proverbial elephants in the room right now: The virus and the crumbling economy. With millions of Americans suddenly unemployed and government assistance being given inconsistently, something’s got to give — and sooner better than later. …

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Madeleine McCann has been missing for well over a decade, but the search for her continues to drain money from British taxpayers. The Daily Mail reports that Met Police detectives will be receiving more money, even though the overall search has cost over £11 Million. Meanwhile, efforts to slow down the spread of Covid-19 are proving to be expensive as well. Is all the money being directed to this cold case really necessary during a global emergency? While the investigators on this case believe so, many in the public strongly disagree.

Madeleine McCann vanished in 2007 under incredibly suspicious circumstances…

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Are you a true crime fan? Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is, and he’s spent quite a few years collecting items that were once owned by notorious serial killers. In a recent interview, the singer was asked about his unorthodox hobby, and whether or not he “regrets” collecting some of the items in his collection.

Davis has a long history of collecting what true crime fans call “murderabilia.” However, the Korn singer once unloaded his entire collection. Blabbermouth reported in 2005 that Davis worried that his collection brought “negativity” into his home. …

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Nobody asked for Covid-19, but it’s here, and so far approximately 40,000 Americans have died from complications related to the viral pandemic. It’s certainly a somber time, globally, but in America it’s particularly worrying due to the apparent lack of leadership — and the apparent lack of unity among citizens. While it’s true that a mass stay-at-home order has certainly helped in slowing the spread of this virus, it has become apparent that many people have gone ignored financially. It’s because of this lack of attention to so many people, that many are demanding that the stay-at-home orders be lifted.

Chelsea Hoffman

Chelsea Hoffman is a prolific true crime writer who also comments on civil rights, politics and anything else that interests her.

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