Getting people involved with Nature.

People all around the world are fighting against loss of habitat and wildlife. They verbalize most of their concerns through pop culture. Popular Culture brings like minded viewer to come together and feel belonging (Hermes, 1). This creates a cultural citizenship, by bring people together that have the same beliefs. It’s “by minimizing the number of rules that are set for each deliberation, and maximizing the number of people who are invited” (Hermes, 4). This makes being a part of something easier and with popular culture they create bonds that normally wouldn’t happen. In my piece of popular culture they inspire kids to help save wildlife through action and excitement. It also lets them know that it is a serious matter that habitats and biodiversity being lost. Creating these connections with many people create more opportunity to protect the environment because people are socializing about what they can do to help.

With Habitats are continuously being lost due to human activity through pollution. By polluting the habitat we lose a lot of biodiversity all over the world; which is very important in society. As biodiversity decreases the potential of find cures for diseases are decreased because they aren’t around to be studied. Endangered animals are also important because with out animals the whole ecosystem is distorted. When part of the food chain is missing animals get stressed and some don’t get food. Many animals are being extirpated in many areas because of human interaction. In Return to Nim’s Island, they voice how difficult it is to save a habitat. People all around the world do many things that Nim does to try to protect her island. These people call themselves wildlife warriors, or naturalist because they sign petitions and they work hard to keep a habitat healthy.

In a movie like Return to Nim’s Island there are many ways to create a community with other people. This movie can bring young children together because of their love for animals. Some young environmentalist can relate deeply with this movie. This movie helps them think about what they could do to save something while seeing the bad with it (Hermes,3). This movie is part of cultural citizenship because it makes people come together to try to save something that is important to them. This movie makes people come together with out being in a political party, but people that have the same thought by different ways of going about doing what they set out to do. This creates a community that help people be part of something that is special to them. By creating a community you are creating a form of citizenship because each person bring something different to the community. Every person brings something new, a new experience, a new idea, or even a new way to go about doing a task.

In the movie Return to Nim’s Island, Nim hears that people are trying to build an pirate resort on her island. Nim stays up all night to figure out a way save the island so she writes “Habitat destruction is biggest threat to rare and endangered species by constantly developing we are destroying ecosystems in the name of progress. ‘I don’t think a tacky pirate resort is progress sulk’ Some scientist believe that we lose one species an hour do to extinction which could be why biodiversity is in decline on every continent” said by Nim played by Bindi Irwin. She finds a way to save her island but her father leaves to talk to people who can prevent the building of the pirate resort. Nim finds that if she proves that she has three or more endangered species no one can build on the island. While she tries to find the animals that will help her save her island she gets set back with invaders. The invaders start to capture animals to bring back to the main land to sell on the black market. They’d harm animals to get them to the main land which is another problem for Nim. Nim creates a plan to get the invaders off the island so that she can save the animals and save the island at the same time. Though the poachers try to killed Nim and Edwin while they try and video tape the endangered species they need to save the island, they still succeed. Through adventure and hard work Nim finds three endangered species to save the island and make her first human friend and gets justice by putting the poachers in jail.

I am part of the Wildlife Warriors, they do a lot of conservation work to help save endangered animals and there habitat. The wildlife warriors are a group that everyone is different but we all come together to help make something better each of us doing something different making us part of society. Each of us work together with political stands, cleaning the environment, and teaching people about the environment and how to have it. The environment is very important to us because we love nature and the wildlife that is in it. The wildlife warriors have also looked up to the biggest conservationist, and environmentalist of all time, Steve Irwin. We work in his memory to try protecting the wildlife that we have in our environments. Steve Irwin taught with great enthusiasm and gave is a glimpse of why animals are important to the habitat and why the habitat is important to the ecosystem. My contribution to the community is doing research that explains how devastating losing habitats and wildlife. I constantly look up things and do my own research. This past year I had done research on how Air temperature is effecting the temperature of the surface water which causes problems in estuaries. It causes problems in estuaries because it creates disease and other harmful thing along with it.

Return to Nim’s Island is a great piece of popular culture and cultural citizenship. It teaches and makes younger people understand that wildlife is important. It also give people ideas on how they can come together with out knowing one another and saving a place that is important to them. Habitats are important for many reasons and to get that across to as many people as possible is through popular culture by broadening demographic they can touch many people creating communities along the way. Popular culture is a part of cultural citizenship because it helps us come together as one and help save something that is important.