The more you do with your body, the better you’ll feel with it.

Yesterday I have met an actress who has given me this great, great advice. What I need to do to gain confidence. Going to the gym is not the best idea for an actor, unless you really need to get in shape for a character, in the way a personal trainer can teach you.

However, to find out what your body is truly capable of, you need to actually learn things physically. You need to challenge your body in ways you haven’t done before. Now doing 100 squads will build your strength, but what if you tried out an acrobatics course? What about pole dancing? What about boxing, karate, jiu jitsu, modern dancing, ballet? These exercises will not only strengthen you physically, but mentally you’ll also learn so much.

It was very important for me to get told these things. Opened my mind in a very different way. Gym, nice. All of the other things, better.

Be strong, be brave, keep singing, keep working.

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