Picture postin’ , ego strokin'

Instagram is well known nowadays, almost everyone is using this app.
You’ll find people who post a lot of selfies, people who post pictures of the nature, pictures of everything.

I was scrolling through instagram and fell in love with the pictures of a boy who had a lot of followers and a lot of sixpack pictures. 
A couple weeks later I found out that he lived in the same city as me and even better, he came to my mom her store often(while I was working).
We started talking and fell inlove. 
The first three months were amazing, I accepted the fact that he was “instafamous” and I never even felt jealous. Everytime I was together with this boy I felt special and we talked about a lot of stuff.

But after 3 months of seeing eachother almost everyday, things changed. I think that in almost every relationship things change after a while because you feel more comfortable being around eachother. I started to feel a little insecure because my boyfriend never posted anything on his instagram that confirmed he had a girlfriend. It felt like he wasn’t proud enough to have me, or was scared to lose all his “fangirls”. At the beginning of this insecure thoughts I was just ignoring it but later on all my classmates and friends started to ask me the same thing I was asking myself “why doesn’t he post anything with you”. From this point I started to ask my boyfriend the question and his respond to it was that he didn’t want to show of his love for me to all his followers and he doesn’t need to prove things to the outside world. I asked him “are you not proud enough to have me?”, his respond was “ ofcourse I am but why do all my followers need to know that, it isn’t important what other people say about us as long as we know we’re good, right?”. I honestly tought that was bullshit because if he doesn’t care about what other people think he would post a picture with me. After this conversation things were going backwards, we had a lot of discussions an I started to find out I didn’t liked his instagram fame at all.

This whole instagram world may seem perfect, the attention, the most beautiful faces and bodies, but it isn’t. In my eyes people are getting obsessed and people are forgetting about the real world. I think it’s not healthy if you are on your mobile for three hours in a row just liking en following people. I think it’s not healthy when you are live on Instagram and answering all your fans their questions but ignoring the “do you have a girlfriend?”. I think its not healty when you are constantly thinking about ideas for new sexy pictures.

Mostly because of Instagram I lost a very special connection with this boy.
There are hunderds of girls who may are jealous I dated this guy that everyone likes but please ask yourself a couple questions before you dive into a relationship with someone who is instafamous.

  1. Do I like the fact that he likes himself a lot?
  2. Do I like the fact that he shares spicy body pics with the whole world?
  3. Am I able to hangout with a boy who’s attention is more at his phone than with me?

I hope this post will open up some people their eyes.

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