The Cost of Doing What Made Me Happy
Ali Kelley

We might be the same person. I came from a single parent household in a small New England town, where my ten closest girlfriends came from traditional two-parent households. Their parents went to college, and no one in my family ever did. Yet, magically, my mom worked super hard to make sure I never felt any different from any of them. Dance classes, art lessons, one failed season of lacrosse practice… the list goes on.

She urged me to follow my passions, so I attended the most expensive school I could find and studied art history while accruing the same amount of debt you did. Luckily, I’m slowly climbing myself out of the debt hole and building a career. Congrats for getting yourself on track, and cheers to you on that sweet, sweet day when you pay that last loan bill. I can’t wait for mine!