Technology that has Made Life Easier for Men

By Chelsy Ranard

In our technological age it is hard to find an area of life that has not been improved by technology. There is a faster, easier, and more efficient way to do just about everything. With the way technology is rapidly taking over many areas of life, it’s becoming a hassle to wait for a webpage to load, approach a woman in person, or check your own tire pressure. While we may be spoiled by the wave of technology affecting our lives, there is no denying how much easier certain things have become.

For men, technology has taken over many areas of life that are commonplace. Shaving, dating, driving, and getting fit are all so much different than it was in the past. Most of these advances make things easier, but there is no denying that there is some nostalgia associated with doing things the old fashioned way. No matter your preference, there is no denying how amazing some of our technological advances are, no matter how small they may seem.


Shaving itself almost seems like an out-of-date practice with the growing popularity of the full beard. However, the practice of shaving has changed a lot since it started. For starters, shaving used to be done with a jagged piece of obsidian, so it’s good that shaving practices are at least safer than they were back then. Now that we are past straight razors and double edged razors, electric razors and multi-blade razors seem to be the most popular options. Other than that, the razor game hasn’t changed a whole lot. Stick with what works I suppose.

The options are really endless in the shaving world from the manual razor with a rotating head and 5 blades to electric razors with technology so advanced that it feels like a robot is nuzzling your face. Another shaving option is the traditional multi-blade razor sent right to your door every month for a fraction of what you pay at the store. But, again, for many men, shaving is not even a thing anymore. At least until the next facial hair trend comes around. Here’s to hoping that the Chris Daughtry chinstrap comes back.


Dating used to be meeting a girl in real life at a bar or through friends and asking her out on a date. You actually had to go up to her with the prospect of getting shot down being a real and very probable outcome. You had to buy her a drink, say something funny, or be charming. Granted, a lot of these things are still true, but not the scary part where you have to speak to a real human. Thank god. Enter Tinder, PlentyOfFish, OkCupid, and so many more. Swiping right is a hell of a lot easier, and not nearly as terrifying as approaching a complete stranger and asking them out. Now it’s all about Emoji flirting, texting instead of calling, and Facebook stalking.

The courting aspect of dating is not the only part of dating that technology has changed. There are apps to help you remember your anniversary, share calendars and grocery lists, and mark fun places to have sex. There is video calling for long-distance relationships, number blocking to keep your ex out of your life, and fingerprint recognition to keep your phone privacy. Courting and dating used to be a little more difficult and scary, but there has been so much technology to help men on the dating track.


The technology that has changed the automotive world is pretty incredible. We may not have flying cars yet (damn it) but we still have some pretty rad automotive technology that wasn’t available just a short time ago. We are talking collision mitigation to help stop wrecks before they happen, in-tire tread depth sensors to tell us when our tires are worn, and the prospect of self-driving cars looming. It might actually be the future; minus the hover boards.

A lot of automotive technology is rooted in better safety measures, but others are for problem solving, luxury, and just to generally make life easier for car owners. New car models all have touchscreen infotainment, navigation, Bluetooth, and voice recognition. Not exactly KITT status from Knight Rider, but our cars definitely have a lot more artificial intelligence to make our lives easier than they have before.


Going to the gym and getting healthy is not nearly as fun as sitting at home, eating pizza, and watching the game. There will never be technology so advanced that the gym is better than pizza, but there have been many advancements in technology to get fit. Workout machines themselves are more specialized and advanced than before. They are able to pinpoint more exact muscle groups, use specific weight measurements, and are available in your home. Treadmills track heart rate, calories burned, and specific workout trends.

Technology has helped the younger generations especially to stay fit and healthy in a whole new way. As for tracking technology, there are many wearable fitness trackers that track your movement throughout the day and suggest your fitness goals, assess your sleep patterns, and track calories burned. Just like every other area of life, there is an app for that! There are apps for healthy eating, workout tracking, or to work as a pedometer. The need for personal trainers or dieticians has gone down considerably since there has been so much technology to help keep us healthy and fit.

Technology has saturated almost every area of life. Ignoring the technological age is no longer an option and many areas of life are now impossible if you aren’t technologically up to date. Fortunately, many of these advances are to make things a little easier. Now men can groom, date, drive, and stay fit a little easier with technology on their side. Otherwise men would still be shaving with rocks, forgetting anniversaries, not stopping to ask for directions, and choosing pizza over weight lifting. Well, pizza may always come first, technology be damned.