Chemical Industry Impacted by Chinese EPA Crackdown

Air pollution has become a serious concern in Northern regions of China, especially as the area feels the effects of La Nina, a periodic cooling of the surface of the equatorial Pacific Ocean which causes abnormal weather patterns.

Beijing was blanked in smog this past week with visibility reported at less than 200 meters, closing down roads and airports. It was the fourth round of smog since October. Neighboring cities such as Tianjin have also issued emergency response alerts. Areas effected this week include Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan and Shanxi, according to the National Meteorological Centre.

In an effort to control air pollution, the Chinese Environmental Protection Ministry has recently cracked down on factories found to be in violation of emissions standards. Five companies in the Hebei province were reviewed for violations, and several chemical plants in the region are facing shutdown including well-known producers of chemicals such as Sebacic Acid and Dioctyl Sebacate. Exports from China on these materials are reportedly facing delays, and it is not known when production schedules will resume.

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