The Real Enemy.

When I wrote these words I thought of you
Your smarts; the patterns you cling so dearly to
Hamstrung by a phantasm of who you think you ought to be
I am sorry you can't see who you are,
just because nobody ever told you.
But if only you would stop trying to be
Just long enough to actually be yourself
Long enough to put down the burden of undue expectations
Long enough to learn to fit your own skin
Long enough that you're not scared to be alone
When that happens,
spend a little time with yourself and see
That as real as your fears are, they won't drown you.
When you look a little closer you will see
They’re not as insurmountable as you made them out to be
And as you learn to let your fears be
You might even learn to be naked
To expose your wounds so they can heal.

I know why you still hold on to your falsehoods
Why you're afraid to seek the truth
Because you've sworn to smite your enemies
But the real enemy is you.

I'll share with you the only trick to it
Be warned, it’s the hardest trick in the world!
Start by outing your ego
Stop letting it get in the way of happiness.
Don't try to smite your ego,
You only need to be aware of it
Once it’s found-out and if you allow it,
It'll slowly wither away with all its falsehoods.
See mate, ego is the real enemy!

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