Designing the new Uber App
Didier Hilhorst

Hey Didier, I recently used Uber for several times and feel like some features I need still haven’t been improved.

1) After requesting a ride, I need to know the color of my driver’s car. Imagine that you just get off train and there are dozens of people are waiting for Uber just like you. Suddenly, there are many cars coming to you, and you barely know which one is yours, even though Uber tells you the type of the car. What if users don’t know how a Benz C300 looks like? How can this user find their Uber driver quickly? In this scenario, users don’t have much knowledge about any cars, if Uber can tell COLORS of their Uber drivers’ cars, it will be fast for them to notice the right one.

2) This scenario happens in some certain places like airports and hotels. I also believe a lot of people use Uber when they travel, which means they are not familiar with city which they just arrive at. Thus it requires Uber to provide precise drop off and pick up location. I know some airports and hotels (especially in Las Vegas), they have certain areas and valets for Uber. I know this might be an engineering issue that they should improve the accuracy of map or provide clear rout for drivers. HOWEVER, what designers can do is to figure our where users are allowed can PING their pick locations to make it more precise. And I have heard this complains from my Uber drivers so many times, almost everyone who picked my up in airport.

Aside of these issues, no matter how big the UI design changes, I still know how to use the app. It also provides the information I need, at least, like trip time, fare, the number of Uber cabs around me etc. This means Uber design team and product team did excellent job!

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