Pizza Cup 2015 by the Beijinger magazine

There was a raft of guests attended the annual Pizza Cup event hosted at the futuristic Galaxy Soho, today. I joined the event by serving the guests with my team members from Pizza Express.

I have to confess, I loved the vibe at the site. People coming to Pizza Cup seemed to me to be really love eating. And most interestingly that it does not matter the colors of the skin and eyes of our lovely guests, after all they all love pizzas! It has really been a great great experience for me to serve the guest, and to introduce Pizza Express, the brand, to the masses, with my beloved team members.

And, it is inevitable that I can tell that what makes Pizza Express brand great is simply in the name. afterall, it is not Pizza slow, you know. And you know what is amazing about Pizza Express is that, we serve authentic Italian cuisine fastly.

Obviously, there is room for improvement, but I believe if the team members truly believe in what makes Pizza Express great, that’s serving real delicious food fastly, and keep up the hard work, we would just achive it, to serve great food fastly.