I met Alana when she just turned a year old. My son Sean called me a few months before that and said He found the “one”. Her name is Kari and she has a baby. So, I told him if he loved her it’s all that matters and he told me He loved the baby Alana too. 
I told him how lucky he was to not have found one woman to love but two. And so it was. He was in love and had a family.

He called me one day they were strapped for a sitter. So of course I said yes. I wanted to meet them.

Kari was just beautiful. Tall beautiful blonde with the biggest smile. And Alana, what a little doll. It was the strangest thing but she looked like my son when he was a baby. And they told me that everywhere they went everyone thought she was his. People would say “wow, you can’t deny her”. It was such a coincidence it was amazing. And of course we all chocked it up to being “meant to be”.

So I was worried a bit about Alana feeling strange around us but we just got to talking and playing with her, and she was fine about them leaving which was a relief to everyone. Kari had told me the story of how Alana was at a daycare while she worked and she walked into the daycare and Alana was in a high chair and she had been crying really aggressively and her face was all red and wet with snot and tears and no one was doing anything. She was just there crying. So Kari took her out of the daycare right then and there. I thought to myself what a good mom. I would have done the same.

So she was fine. They didn’t bring many toys so I was looking around the house at what she could play with. I grabbed a plastic container that I kept my sewing threads in and opened it and told her go ahead she could do whatever she wanted. At the time she said a few words but didn’t talk and she just started walking.

The container was on the coffee table. She was on the outside of the table. My daughter Britt and I on the other. She took a spool of thread out of the container and walked over to me and handed it to me. I just gushed and said “oh thank you so much” . Well, that was it, she did that for every spool in the container. Bringing them one by one to me or Britt while we gushed “how beautiful” “so pretty” “thank you”……..She just loved it! Big smiles and laughter the whole time.

She was winning us over and We were winning her over. I fell in love with my granddaughter that day. A little girl changed my life for the better that day.

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