Driven or Directed

It recently dawned on me that it really doesn’t matter if I have an employer placing demands on my time or if I’m self-employed. In either camp, there are certain personality traits that are going to characterize my daily life. One of them is a strong drive that serves me well as long as I don’t get confused about whose serving whom (it happens). As a follower of Jesus, my natural tendency to be driven should come in at a distant second place to God-directed plans (aka God-incidences) which have a {good} way of interfering with my best laid plans. A wise man once said, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 NLT). I try to hold my to-do list in an open hand with margin for the Lord to re-direct as He chooses. It’s a daily challenge that begins with my first morning prayer and continues with staying tuned in to the voice of the Holy Spirit making me aware of His agenda as I navigate through my day. There are too many times when I allow other voices to take precedence over THE voice…especially those calling from the screens that tend to dominate a good portion of my days. I’ve had to set some perimeters for myself to help me in this regard. One thing I’ve done recently is to turn off all notifications from social media and schedule my time rather than being in response mode all day. What a difference! I do make allowances for social media if I’m waiting somewhere (i.e. car wash, dentist, etc.) But a word of caution in that arena…many, many times the Lord has had someone in my so-called “dead space” that is open to conversation if only I will look up from my phone or laptop and engage. We are so “connected” 24/7 that we are often completely disengaged with people in the flesh right next to us! My prayer is that I can live my life more and more truly connected. 1st connected upward. 2nd connected outward and 3rd connected downward, including looking at my screens or working my to-do list. Planning our days is tactical and and helpful as long as we recognize that being available for Kingdom Impact is always on God’s agenda. How about you? Are you living in instant response mode or barreling through your to-do’s or and missing opportunities to really connect? What are some changes you can make that will better create margin for you to be available for God-moments throughout the day?