A Wonderful “capuccino” Ramen, Cheer me up whole winter| Kanada-ya

It is no doubt that London is a city of world foods in my mind. What ever you want to eat, you always can find them in London.

These years, London people becoming passion on Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen. Especially in winter, a wonderful hot ramen will give you power,after that, you may feel warm all of your body. I am also a Japan Ramen enthusiastic, I have already try almost ramen restaurants in London, such as Shoryu, Eat Tokyo. I know them from lots of social media platform, some are from Yelp recommendation, some are my friends said that is very authentic. From these ramen restaurants I have try, Kanada-ya(金田家)is my favorite. Here, I will going to recommend for you and write down my feelings when I first time to eat alone.

I think Kanada-ya might be the smallest Rame restaurant in London, it is located in St Giles High Street nearby Tottenham Court Road, there is a famous building called Central Saint Giles Piazza, a office for Google’s sell department and Youtube, Kanada-ya just opposite to this building.

street view near from the Ramen Bar

Although it is quite tiny, you can find it very easy because of its style and a long queue. I came there at 12:15pm (they open at 12pm), just during 15minutes, I need to wait outside for 20 minutes. Popularity of them makes me feel amazing. Before I came into the restaurant and took a sit, Kanada-ya’s decoration impress me, fresh white doorplate with shoal grey wall and a big French windows, in addition to this, several white round hanging lamps lead the shop looks very Japanese style,warm and comfortable.

Outside and inside decoration of Kanada-ya

Now, highlight is coming. Their main courses including two types, Tonkotsu Ramen and Japanese Onigiri. Maybe you would feel that the menu is too simple, but for me, I believe if a restaurant focus on one or two main dishes, they must be much more tasty and they has their unique flavor. Within my expected,the ramen of them is so wonderful and delicious(it is much more delicious but forgive my poor English,I can't find another word to describe it).

Tonkotsu Ramen in Kanada-ya

The ramen I have order is the original one. They have another two kinds of ramen,the different is about the meats and some vegetables.

Although this ramen looks very simple, it is quite exquisite,not only noodles but also the soup. There are four kinds hardness of noodles,including soft, regular, hard, and extra hard. I choose regular and a waiter told me that most Japanese would choose the hard. And the time of noodles cooking is depend on what hard of the noodles, times is 60s,39s, 23s, 15s. One interesting thing is that real ramen enthusiastic would say , “I would like a 23s ‘s ramen, thanks.” One staff in the restaurant said.

Inside of Kanada-ya

Now, look at the photo of ramen above, they called “capuccino” Ramen. Why?Because the soup of each ramen has foam in surface,similar with capuccino. It has foam because of the chroma of the soup,a chef said that it is cooked for at least 18 hours!!They cook hard on each ramen,in order to let them have a best taste, let each customer feel satisfied and will come back again and again.

Now I would say kanada-ya is a very successful ramen bar, and I will go there again. I think of I have not try Onigiris but I believe they are nice as well. We always said that we need to share good things with everyone, foods as the same.

If you really want to eat something alone, kanada-ya is the best choice for you. A bowl of hot ramen is a wonderful gift in a winter. Just go there, and try,do not afraid the queue!

Address:64 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8LE


Tube:Tottenham Court Road

Opening time:Mon-Sat:12pm — 3pm,5pm — 10pm,Sunday close

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