Christmas atmosphere makes London more beautiful

Every year this time is a big change time in London, why I say that. Because most places of London are decorative, including Oxford Street, Regent Street lights switching on, Selfridge’s window display, in order to celebrate a big festivals — Christmas!

Oxford Street at 4:50pm

Although lighting decoration in Oxford Street quite similar every year, I still love it; Although Oxford Street and Regent street crowed everywhere and very hard to walk at weekend, I still don’t feel irritable at the moment just because of the beautiful street views.

Regent street at 5:20pm

Here, I want to spend more time to write down about Regent Street. Everyone know Regent street is one of a classic street view in London, elegant and noble building, various of luxury brands, red buses back and forth, add the incredible lighting decoration, it looks like a new wonderful world. The theme of Regent Street this year looks like a universe, different shapes of lights twinkling, some are like stars, like moons and sun. One thing makes me feel amazing is that lights in this street are not all the same, actually they are different in each 30–40 meters. So I am not tired of them, and I saw lots of visitors took photo in there, I can see their big smile and enjoyable expression on their faces.

Selfridge’s window display in Oxford Street

In addition to Oxford Street and Regent Street, window display in Selfridge is another popular view every year. The theme of this year is quite fashion and mysterious, I feel that it is match for Regent Street. However, I came to Selfridge is Saturday, soooo many people in front of it, I just took only two pictures of them.

This year is totally different with previous years, last year is a sweetie and interesting theme, you can see lots of colorful dolls and candy rooms, I will show you a picture.

Window display in Selfridge in 2014

I really love London, one of the reasons is that it always can give me surprise and I never be tired of London.