Not making me surprise but it is an unusual Exhibition — Review of Ai Weiwei exhibition

“Major artist and cultural phenomenon Ai Weiwei takes over our main galleries with brave, provocative and visionary works.”

This is shown on the official website of Ai Weiwei exhibition in Royal Academy Arts.

Maybe lots of foreigners do not know Ai weiwei, but he is familiar to Chinese. His first UK exhibition takes place 19th September to 13th December in 2015. I heard some of friends talk about it several times, some told me that is so rubbish, some said this is a wonderful and amazing show.

Of sure, I think whatever it is, I need to have a look once time by myself. Different with other exhibitions, Ai’s show doesn’t have a name or a specific theme. And I can’t define what topic of his show’s contents.

Just showing some pictures about the exhibition and simply talk about my feelings.

Ai Weiwei exhibition poster outside Royal Academy Arts
Ai Weiwei’s Bicycle Chandelier (2015)

Ai’s gift is for the humanisation of conceptual art. Looking up you can find out the amazing light looks like the shape of bike. Look at this art work, you can not doubt Ai’s ability and you feel Ai is unique from lots of artists.


“Straight” is one of the interesting and popular cluster in his exhibition. For me, this is the most amazing one.

The potency of Straight, his commemoration of the 5,000 children who died in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake that shattered their jerry-built schools, lies mainly in his devotional act of straightening by hand 90 tonnes of twisted metal collected from the ruins of the schools.(reported from Gurdian)
Coloured Vases

These artworks and pictures are my favorite. Three pictures show Ai how to break a wonderful vases. Some news said Ai want to express his thoughts though this artworks, “everyone can break old roles and bound.” I know it is quite ironic.But I would rather believe this is Ai Weiwei's real thoughts,he just show his arts,his talents and not speculation.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.

There are have a variety of arts work in Ai’s exhibition. do not makes me very surprise,but I still do not feel regret. After all,I would have my own view after I visit by myself.

Here is a video to let you know more about Ai Weiwei

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