What is it that you want?

This year I made the decision to carry on my university studies.

It’s part of my personal quest to keep learning and staying curious about the ideas and knowledge that are so vastly abundant in our world.

I can’t stress enough how unbelievably liberating this year of formal learning has been for me, but above all of the inspiring theory and that I have been privileged enough to devour, there is one key tenant to all that I have learnt that really sticks in my mind.

My major take-out of this year is a question. And that question is…’What exactly is it that you want?’

It sounds basic and hardly even worth thinking about. Most people that you ask this question to, will say, ‘well it’s obvious isn’t it?’

Actually — it’s not obvious.

Ask a group of people who make up the management of a business this question and you could be sitting there for some time while a battle of opinions rages before you.

People are understandably a bit hazy in their minds as to exactly what it is that they want from their lives. And their daily actions don’t necessarily give any indication as to what their intentions are either.

Spending 8 hours a day in a career that provides nothing more than content for feelings of frustration and anxiety is not exactly living to your full potential. However, without a clear answer to this question — you are destined to spend a hellava lot of your time drifting between random life experiences and simply passing judgement on whatever it is that so happens to come your way.

There may not be a clear sign that this question ticks any recognised academic box at first glance, but when it comes to learning about yourself and what you envision doing with your precious time here on Earth — an honest, well thought out response is an excellent investment in your future.