My Review of Beachbody Programs for Mature Adults

I have recently realized that some of us more mature people may think that the Beachbody workouts are too difficult to do so I thought that I’d do a general review of the Beachbody workouts on that subject.

I started using the Beachbody workouts, specifically P90X, when I was 57 years old. While I did find it challenging, I could do it by modifying some of the moves. Since I don’t have a pullup bar and the door ways in my home are too small for them, I had to use the exercise bands attached to the door jam, but I could do it. I also had to do some, but not all, of the pushups on my knees but hey, that’s not so bad.

After completing that program, I moved on to some less muscle building focused programs like Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire which both also had modifiers and I could do all the moves in both programs with no problems (even though I’m a klutz). These programs are more dance based and seem to appeal to women more than men but both can get a real workout from them and I certainly got results.

Then I thought I was ready for Insanity. Boy, was I wrong! Not the workout for a woman in her late 50’s and 15 pounds overweight — even with the modifier. Honestly, this and T25 are really tough workouts and are really better for someone who is already in pretty good shape. I definitely don’t recommend this for a beginner!

About that time Beachbody teamed with Les Mills, the maker of Body Pump and Body Combat in the gyms to come out with Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat, which quickly became my soul mate workouts! I LOVE both of them. While Les Mills Pump is a weight workout with a barbell and lots of repetitions, with the great music and trainers, it goes by so fast you don’t realize how many reps you’ve done by the time it’s over. AND, Les Mills Combat is kickboxing at it’s best. With gloves and all the moves of karate and taekwondo at their best, it inspired me to become certified to teach boxing fitness. Both of these workouts have modifiers so anyone at any level can do these workouts and get the results they are looking for!

Beachbody has also come out with P90X2 and P90X3 which I also tried and while I love Tony Horton’s coaching style, the workouts just aren’t for me. I really don’t like pull ups and pushups and using the bands so I have to admit I didn’t stay with them. He also recently came out with Hard Corps 22, a more military type training program but since I had knee replacement surgery, high impact moves are out for me and I’ve heard that this program has a lot of them so I haven’t tried it yet.

Next, Beachbody came out with the 21 Day Fix programs which come with color coated portion control food containers and 30 minute workouts scheduled for 21 days. It’s just about a can’t miss way to get in shape and unlike all the previous Beachbody program modifiers, the modifier in these workouts wasn’t in the best shape like all the rest of the people in the workouts. She actually was some over weight and did struggle with some of the moves, which actually makes the whole program more relatable for everyone! If you do the workouts and follow the meal plan with the containers, you will lose weight and inches at any age!

Another program that I would highly recommend for those of us past our exercise prime is Tai Chang by Beachbody. Its their version of Tai Chi and is designed for older adults with joint problems or who want to avoid them. It will gently strengthen your muscles while you workout.

If you are into dance workouts, besides the aforementioned Turbo Jam, Shaun T of Insanity has his Cize, workout which is similar to Zumba and Beachbody just released Country Heat, a dance workout to country music.

I’ve saved my favorite Beachbody product for last — Shakeology! It’s a meal replacement shake, made with natural ingredients and comes in chocolate, chocolate vegan, strawberry, strawberry vegan, vanilla, and café latte. I have been drinking the vanilla Shakeology for breakfast with a taste of cinnamon, 8 ounces of coconut milk and ½ banana every morning for the past year. It keeps me full until lunch time and gives me the energy to get through my day.

To try any of the Beachbody workouts, you can sign up for Beachbody On Demand for a monthly fee which you can cancel at any time through this link: and if you’d like to try a sample of Shakeology just let me know here: or if you have any questions just comment here.