Writers Prompt #09 — Safe Spaces
Death To Stock

Safe Space — my first thought is of nature, because I always seek to surround myself in a natural environment. But when I reflect further I realize that my only true “safe space” has been my own mind, the only place I have true freedom to explore anything.

I have lived in many places in the world, I have worked many different jobs and met unfathomable numbers of people. I have been in extremely dangerous situations many times. I have been wealthy and I have been poor and I have been everything in between. It is my mind that gets me through any situation or circumstance. Only by closing my eyes and seeking a peaceful place within have I found the refuge, strength and comfort to create solutions where there were none.

Nature does help; a plant, a tree, a flower, the ocean or a pond are great places to seek comfort, peace and solitude. Basking in the warmth of the sun feels like love. Watching raindrops make puddles is a joy. But a snowstorm or a hurricane can also offer a welcome respite from the busyness of everyday life with all it’s demands.

However, those experiences with nature are only as good as the interpretations of my mind, and the same is true with relationships. It’s a steady mind that guides a ship through a raging storm. A creative mind invents a solution to a problem, and an inquisitive mind continually seeks to learn. The more I retreat to the “safe space” within, the more I find the answers and confidence to deal with life and live to my fullest potential.

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